Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Happiness in life

Happiness in life

By : Odd Even Life. Blogspot. Com 

INTRODUCTION : How common people in life enjoy their lives.

   The common people are the ones who are really enjoying their lives in a peaceful manner. 
            To elaborate, I need to tell you that, not only the common people, are the ones who love to lead a life of happiness but people from all walks of life, all over the planet, love to be happier ever after. 
        Usually the common people from the weaker sections of the society tend to enjoy or rather I should mention love to enjoy at every moment of their life by any means. 
     They (The Common People) infact take their lives as a gift of "GOD".
      They feel somewhat protected from within, as their firm belief in "GOD" does the work for them. 
        Not every individual is a "THEIST", also there are "ATHEIST" followers from most parts of the world.
       Even the non believers of the existence of the "GOD" are in abundance on our planet earth who really enjoy their day-to-day life in a simple way and are quite happy with their lives. 
      Happiness doesn't mean that you have to be rich enough to gather something invaluable things while an individual can without being from a well-to-do family background, enjoy his life to the fullest extent without being worried about it.
      Even he (I'm referring to the common man) doesn't even bother about his would be future. He is living and enjoying life today as if he is going to die today itself. 
    He leaves no regrets for his life as he knows that "BIRTH & DEATH" are the two sides of a single coin.
    The common man thinks, that one has to die some day or the other, so why should he handle all the unwanted pressures by mere thinking about leaving the world someday.
    These are some of the styles the common people is following in his daily life. And not everyone is doing the same, as I have mentioned above. 
     Frankly speaking, at times, I love their approach, leading a tension free life. 
     But, it's not always possible for us to follow the same strategy to be happy. 
     We have to adjust to our behaviour many-a-times. This is the difference between a common man and us in general, where we tend to find ourselves depleted to the circumstances.
       To find an everlasting happiness, we need to mould ourselves a bit to reap the benefits of happiness…….
            Mere changing ourselves can do a lot in grabbing happiness. But the truth is, are we really ready to be happier ever after. 
      To achieve the benefits of staying happier needs drastic actions from our end. 
      Just pretending to be happier shall not fulfill our aims. 
     The motto must be to definitely grab the opportunities scattered each and every nooks and corners of our surroundings. 
      And happiness can be achieved only if we think we want it, then it is for us. It is not a thing to be purchased, rather it has to be grabbed whenever a positive atmosphere arises. 
                  We must appreciate "GOD's" creation, that, no difficult effort has to be made in order to gain it. In fact it is available all over free of cost for everyone, the only thing needed is, we just have to apply to the basics of drawing happiness in order to be happy. 
        Don't you think guys, I'm telling the truth. 
          Infact, we are all status conscious now-a-days and have also forgotten our ethics over a period of time. 
    This status minded consciousness is leading our lives to hell. 
     Common people, overcome this and lead a life of "Happiness and Bliss".
    Years and years have gone by, but we still feel shy enough to even express our inner feelings & expressions in society and our communities. 
                   Look at the common people, they don't need any guidance or knowledge to live a happier life. They are enjoying happiness and we should admire that. 
     To conclude, I must say, it's a difficult task for the "upper class consciousness minded people" and easy for the middle class and all others, even the upper class people who can surrender their ego at first can enjoy life to the fullest. 
      Thanks once again guys for being with me……...
     See you at the next post…….
Take care guys and be happy ever after…….

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Climate change in life

Climate change in life 



Blog Name : Odd Even Life 
By : Odd Even Life. Blogspot. Com 

INTRODUCTION : The daily life of common people due to climate change 

               The life in general of the common people lies in the activities they are doing and the way they are tackling the current situation whether it's social, economic, political, climate change or be it anything. 

         The utmost problem a common man is facing today is the climate change which is the area of concern. 

       No matter our governments globally are putting in efforts to curb this menace but are finding a lot of difficulties to overcome the situation.

       One of the major concerns of the governments worldwide is that, no doubt they (Governments and Non Government Agencies) are taking initiatives to solve it but for some reason or the other, not finding a suitable outcome. 

      Another major concern where the governments and other non government agencies are finding difficulty in is, the lack of knowledge about the same (climate change) amongst the common people in general worldover. 

     This has to be sorted out as soon as possible to save our planet from getting overheated which can even result in a disaster, no matter whatever achievements we make in our lives, the ultimate resultant would be a "BIG ZERO".  

     Guys, are you getting my point and what am I referring to………… !!!!! 

      This very change of our climate has also made a deep impact on common man's life which has to be made a mention here in my content so as to make people think a bit deeper about the coming generations to follow. 

      If we fail to resolve this issue at the earliest, there are chances where we can lose many things like the melting of our glaciers due to global warming, draughts at times, sudden avalanches, unwanted floods, excessive heat and humidity all over the world and not to forget, even unknown diseases. 

      All these can be averted only by  awakening ourselves and also guide all others who are unaware of such facts. 

       These are one of the common reasons of the common people in today's life, where the ordinary man is helpless and suffering a miserable life all together. 

    The use of plastic and plastic bags are also a cause in increasing common man's struggle in life, as dumped plastics has even worsen the climate and our planet.    

      There must be a law enacted by the governments worldwide in order to save our planet by completely eradicating the use of plastics and single use plastic bags. 

    The governments must ensure the use of paper bags instead, in order to save our beautiful earth from degradation. 

    The steps by the governments must be firm enough to erase the suffocating plight of the common people and the destitutes. 

     We as a responsible citizen must make efforts in helping our governments to enact laws and orders in resolving these issues. 

     Our contribution towards our governments, society and the planet will definitely reap the results in the near future to come, where, are coming generations would take pride in "our efforts to save the earth and the planet ". 

    This (the efforts) shall not only do good to the common people but also to those belonging to the upper communities even, as we all are living in the same planet isn't it….……..                                           

       To be frank, I think, nobody shall make a mention about these topics now-a-days, as today, money has the upper hand over everything.    

Am I right guys ??......

    Today, our lives have become somewhat "Odd Even".  

       This is why I've named my blog as "Odd Even Life ".

    The name itself describes the meaning, everyone is going through a phase of odds-and-evens in our day-to-day lives. 

          This is just an elaboration which I'm seeing in many parts of our country and worldwide. 

     To save and help the common people, we must take immediate actions to help the "HUMANITY".

            In order to give peace to humanity, we need to enact at the earliest as possible.

             Whatever we have done in the past is the outcome of today's life……... 

     Think from within, can our coming generations face or withstand the same situation where we're now at the moment. 

      This "THOUGHT" could result in an overwhelming achievement. 

       Only speaking on "TV shows", "Social Media Platforms", "Magazines" and "Seminars" etc would not yield much.

   Action is the key to everything. So guys, be ready to be unitedly achieving the feat to change our living style without degrading our planet earth to save the common people and the humanity. 

            I should windup for now……..

Thanks for reading guys……….

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Amusements in life

Amusements in life



By : Odd Even Life. Blogspot. Com 

INTRODUCTION : How common people in life enjoy their time.

   The common people are the ones who are really leading their lives in a peaceful way today. 
            To illustrate in details, I need to tell you that, not only the common people from India, are the ones who love to refresh at the roadside vendors selling pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, coffees etc, but the common people, rather I should mention, people from all walks of life, everywhere on this planet, love to go bizzarre at the mini vendor shops. 
        These are the tiny little refreshment shops, we enjoy our free time with our family and friends.          
       And these are the leisure points, where we tend to relax a bit from all the hard work done all through the day's hectic schedules.      
      Some may feel that I'm getting a bit freaky, but this is the life of the common people. 
    Not every individual is going that way. Many obviously, go to other leisure points or I should say informal beer bars or pubs, dance academies, hotels, cinema halls etc etc. 
          The rich and the well-to-do, also at times, go to these entertaining places to diversify their amusement fixtures.      
      Here, in this post I'm focussing only on the common people of our community in general. 
     There are many other ways the common man innovates his/her own system of making fun by producing his own techniques to refresh. 
      Not everyone can handle the work pressure at 9 to 5 job in everyday's routine. One definitely needs to pull out some time for the betterment of his good health and mental peace. 
       Even, it has been proven at some research, that almost every human being must need a relaxation so as to keep himself or herself healthy for a longer life. 
      And this is the fact that a common man does not forget to relax in his daily schedule, so as to keep himself fit enough. 
       You can make an assumption that although the poor common man does not make much of an earning to his potential, he rather lives happily with his family and friends with ease…….….
     This is the ordinary and a life filled with struggle for the common people of our world. 
        The common people's cheerfulness is the key to their overall happiness in life. 
       On that note, I'm making an end to this post. 
       Hope you're enjoying with me, as my topic is totally different from other bloggers. 
             And this is the very place where you'll find a vast variety of content including, almost all kinds of subjects, topics and fields relating to the common people's day-to-day life. 
                 Thanks once again to you guys for coming here and reading till the very end………..
See you once again…..

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Opposition in life

Opposition in life 



By : Odd Even Life. Blogspot. Com

INTRODUCTION : The Daily Life Of Common People

         To start with, I need to tell my readers about the blog which I accidentally created. 
          This (I'm referring to my blog post) suddenly came into my thoughts to do something unique that has never been done previously by me.  
           So, without wasting your precious time let's go it with a bang……... 
           Now, here I'll be discussing many facts about society in some detail. 
           Many of us in our lives must have or rather faced or tackled some sort of an "Opposition in life" be it by our own parents, our family members, our friends, our neighbours, our society or by any other means. 
             Maybe you all are getting my point. I'll have to elaborate on it, only then you can understand the feeling of confronting it. 
               You might have come across incidents where you were adjudged a culprit without knowing your mistakes, isn't it. 
               There are many such instances where we are not defaulters, but still we have to compromise with the situation at times, am I right !  So does the common man succumb to the same conditions which we suffer or face every now and then in this mean and self centered society.  
             The common man has to undergo many untoward incidents today, that it cannot be illustrated here with just depicting some spicy words or phrases. 
           To know it (the incidents) in detail, we get closer to our friends' circle and gather the latest happenings about the matter. 
            And the ones (the incidents) we don't know in detail, we tend to exaggerate it and add some fuel into it and try to get figured amongst others and pretend that we are the first to know these. 
               Tell me now, is this the way to go by it. Without knowing the truth and facts, we easily put the allegations on others.     
             Can mere blaming does good to others and our community in reality. 
              No, that doesn't go that way. We need to feel that making something viral is as easy as 1-2-3.
                But, at times, revealing something about someone and that too about a common man, could result in a disaster.
               I mean to say, there are instances where people have committed suicides by undergoing mere defamation, that had been levied against them. Some have even gone into depression, as, many can't even bear these kinds of mental pressure revolving around our neighbourhood and societies. 
             We have to keep in our minds that many of us in this orthodox world, can't even take it lightly.
                 We need to curb these in order to maintain peace, love and tranquillity in our day-to-day lives and not bypassing common man's interests and sentiments ever. 
      The sort of opposition a common man is undergoing now-a-days has to be reduced by some margin so as to uplift the ordinary man's struggle to keep himself updated with the time. 
                Many a times I have noticed that people belonging to well-to-do families try to desert the common man by his influence of power and authority. And this is where an ordinary or a poor man can't even raise his voice against such fools. 
         To conclude, I must admit or rather you all readers shall agree that these kind of discriminations are very much prevailing even in your societies.
           So, I request you all to put an end to this. If not possible try to put some effort and stop enforcing your authority on the destitutes. And be kind enough to those who really are in need of your kind support and polite behaviour. 
       I know that it cannot be done in a few days or weeks, but our efforts can definitely change our society and not to forget our attitude towards all, including the common people, so as to attain everlasting love, peace and harmony. 

Thank you all….……...

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Realisation in life

Realisation in life

Blog Name : Odd Even Life 
By : Odd Even Life. Blogspot. Com 


               The real truth of our lives is the fact that, one is realised or not. "Realisation in life should be the ultimate goal in human life." 

                        To be frank, in my opinion, nobody shall ever ever discuss these facts in today's era where money has the supremacy over everything. 

           Be it anything, whether it's working on a daily schedule or running a smooth business or staying mom at home or a housewife. 

           The rules stand the same for each and every individual whether he or she belongs to a rich, well-to-do family or does come from a poverty prone arena. The reality stays similar for everybody.

       Now our lives has become somewhat "Odd Even".  

       This is why my blog name stands as "Odd Even Life ".

    The name as it suggests the meaning, all of us are going through some sort of odds-and-evens in our day-to-day lives. 

          To elaborate more on that, I must make the mention of our society where we are a habitat of. 

      Be it any country, or be it any continent or any part of our world, there are people who don't care about the social culture, general public's well being and above all the people's inner feelings and the right to speech .

I'm not naming any particular society or community or anyone in general. 

          This is just an experience I'm sharing which I have seen in many areas of our societies. 

            Rather it's also seen in other parts of the world even.

This discrimination is followed not only in the developing nations but also seen over the developed nations. 

        This has been prevailing over the years everywhere. And it is not that it cannot be sorted out.

It is rather our duty and in fact every individual's responsibility to make a reform in our societies.

We must understand our moral duties and should contribute our efforts in uplifting our (i.e. common people's thought process) and make them realise that every individual is supposed to lead a life with freedom. 

And we (I'm referring to humanity), as a civilized citizen must contribute something without any discrimination to eradicate this menace from the roots, no matter whatever the time frame maybe. 

In order to provide peace and tranquility to our community we need to enact as early as possible before it gets too worse a situation. 

We must ask ourselves, whether our behaviour towards those (I'm referring to the discriminated) is justified or not. 

If the answer is no then we must apply ourselves towards curving this (the discrimination). 

Infact, we should realise that even they (the discriminated) are human beings and we mustn't hurt their feelings and sentiments.  

We must rather keep ourselves in place of theirs and make an analyzation that whatever we have done in the past and what we are doing in the current situation is justified or not. 

And think deeply, could we have faced or tackled the same situation where they (the discriminated) are now at the moment. 

This "REALISATION" could result in an everlasting achievement. 

Only talking on "Television", "Social Media", "Daily Magazines" and "Mobile Applications" etc should never ever help.

This shall definitely help curbing the menace (the discrimination) to some extent, not completely. 

Action is the key to everything. So guys, be aware and prepared to be unitedly achieving this goal to change this without fail. 

Thanks for reading……….


Sunday, August 4, 2019

Focus In Life

Focus in life
      The post displays the nature and attitude of common people and the daily life.
            This is the vital point in and for our life. Focus deeply to achieve your goals in life be it your studies, business, jobs or other genuine aims. And this is where mostly all are lagging behind.

Most of us strive hard achieving various goals and targets without focussing on it fully and endup losing most of the times blaming others and our fate and destiny.

Ya, destiny & fate does matter a lot in our day-to-day life but we cannot put aside the fact that even our efforts do play a drastic role in achieving our targets & aims.

       Always remember, at times our intense efforts and hard work makes our hindered paths quite easier than we can imagine. And even destiny does open our blocked roads to broaden our goals bestowing all the blessings it accumulates.

Then our road to our goals get easier and easier.

So, do focus in life and put an end to blaming others and above all the Almighty God for your silly mistakes.

To summarize, I do not want to hurt anyone's sentiments but only wish to open eyes of those who have forgotten to focus in life.

Thanking you in anticipation. See you at the next post I am posting very soon with another super-duper topic. Keep an eye on this blog.................


Fear In Life

  Fear in life       
        The post shows the daily life of common people in general.
        Today the need of the hour is happiness all around our surroundings and society or community, which is where we are mostly finding a difficulty in. The way our lives should go now-a-days is far behind our expectations and it is because of our life expectancy rate which is falling day-by-day.

There are plenty of reasons for this. We can recognize some of the clear & visible reasons behind this.

Not to forget are, our polluted environment, unwanted diseases, lust for yielding excessive money be it by genuine means or the other, natural disasters or a natural catastrophe that can cause a vast damage or even loss of lives, sudden accident which can lead to unfortunate consequences. And there are plenty more reasons for our fear in life in general which can be widely seen all over the planet today.

It is very difficult to overcome such situations where we are helpless and just pray for mercy. But there are instances where man himself created disasters for the environment without thinking that a silly mistake can lead to a serious catastrophe. A few of our man made disasters can be averted but what should be said about the natural ones !

        There are people who have other sorts of fear as well, naming some of the few...... Floods, Poverty, Malnutrition, Lack of education are some which are still prevailing in our society.

      There are instances where the respective governments of those communities or societies  have taken many such initiatives to providing those in need to relocate the sufferers of the natural calamities, food to the needy, opening small blocks, schools or institutions to educate the needy ones and many more such initiatives to the general public.

      But, still many are finding difficulty in coping with many other situations where we ourselves need to overcome such events which is inexpressible at times.

    Fear is something which cannot be described in mere words. It has to be expressed from within. And the one who is facing or has succumbed to fear can very well understand it.

      Guys it is getting pretty lengthy, let me wind it up for now.

    See you at the next post.

Thanks once again for reading till the very end.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Fraud in life

Fraud in life

      The post displays the daily life of common people in general. 
One of the major causes in our life that we all should not put aside in a corner are sorts of fraud in life or you can utter, frauds of life.
            Today, it is an age of technology, no one can deny that. Nothing can be done without it at present.
      Undoubtedly, we can do even without it, but, for our daily needs such as our Banking needs, our Online Purchasing requirements, our Mobile Recharges, Money Transaction Gateways, Online Internet Usages, our Gaming needs and many other necessities we require this very technology.

             It has become very difficult to go without it, people from all walks of life are using this feature to keep themselves updated with today's advancing and new generation.
           We have even noticed that people from the young and old ages' section are comfortable enough dealing with the latest technology apart from a few and even the latest technological gadgets in many countries and even in India, people are slowly and gradually accepting this as one of their close alliance.
        Now, should I mention the drawbacks of this acceptance of technology which has led to drastic frauds in our day-to-day lives.
        Many have faced such frauds in their lives and some of them should definitely be mentioned in this post, so that, people from all corners of life should be aware of these kinds of frauds or blunders.

       Some fraudsters or hackers whatever you name them, just try to penetrate ones' thought process and find easy techniques to gather information and data to execute frauds, as easy as 1-2-3.
          They, (I'm referring to the fraudsters), at times make unknown calls from unrecognized numbers and try to lure the listener by collecting some relevant information by placing some rewarding offers such as "You have been selected as the lucky winner of our monthly bumper prize money of $15,000 or say $45,000," please give your bank account details to collect the winning amount and don't forget to "Register first " in our website with a one time redeeming fees of $5,000 or something like that".
   Where as some even ask for the "ATM card no." , the "CVV no." printed on the back of your ATM card, the "ATM card holder's name " and even the "ATM pin no. " so that they can easily transfer the winning amount to your bank account at once.
     Even some make live calls claiming to be bank managers on the phone and utter that your ATM card has been blocked for some reasons and to unblock the ATM card, you need to tell the pin no. of the ATM card so that your ATM card stays unblocked.

      These are some of the experiences we are sharing in this post to avert such misadventures and safeguarding you to be aware of such misleading acts.

        And all these are true to our knowledge depicted here........
        Guys, always be aware and save your hard earned money.

        Posted this content in the interest of public awareness......

          Let's all of us meet at our next post.......

          Thanks a lot for tolerating me till the end..........

Monday, July 22, 2019

Odd Even Life

    Odd Even Life        

       This is the first time I'm making a blog. Overall a new experience for me. 

       The post shows the nature and attitude of the common people in general. 

                     I enjoy life the same way others do.                      Creating my blog is just to introduce myself to the world I live in.
             The day to day life and the competition amongst each other in some way or the other is widely seen all over the society and the world is being depicted in this blog just to make others aware of the facts of life. 

Our life has just become a computer where everything seems to be like we are pasting something copied from elsewhere. And this trend needs to be changed by ourselves and with the efforts of our society and by other means. 

We are bound to suffer pressures from tensions and competitions in our daily lives. So as to relax without pressures we need to add some techniques and solution oriented actions. 

A few positive steps might release some of our stress and we can enjoy our lives with ease at times. Our daily routine needs to be changed so that we can attain a peaceful and stress-free life without changing our schedules much. 

Precaution is better than cure, everyone knows that, but do we really put it into action. Action is the thing, mostly all of us are lacking. 

We tend to speak, guide, give lectures but we are scared of taking proper actions when we really need to perform. 

Proper actions at the demanding time or juncture gives positive results. This is where 95% of us are lagging behind. We do not take actions to change our lives. 

Most of us have settled for the life we have made ourselves rather it could have been different by moulding some of our wrong and untimely decisions.